Thursday, March 12, 2009

Choosing A Great Email Signature

What Is An Email Signature

Email Signature - An email signature is a small block of text that is set to be attached to all outgoing emails written by the sender. It is not a requirement to have an email signature and choosing one and the style of such signature is entirely up to the person.

Some people have them, some don't. Some people change theirs often, some stick with the same thing for long periods of time, or may choose something and then never change it at all.

Email Signature Styles

* Jokes

Classic email signatures are short one-line jokes that get a quick laugh. People who use jokes as their email signature tend to change them as often as they change their underwear. Most people will be daily, Uncle Roger's changes every few weeks.

* Famous Quotes

Famous quotes are generally a sentance or two of something that the person using it identify's with. Regardless if it is the quote that is famous, or the person who said it. Most people just are not witty and original so they borrow something from someone that is. Some of these are fun. Some are not.

* Enlightening Original Thoughts

Sometimes the person really is just that cool and can come up with their own quote. Generally they tend to be something REALLY enlightening. They want the reciever to be like "Wow. This person so totally rocks. Look at how much depth they put into so few words". This email signature style always has the lame author credit that says something like "-me" or "written by me", or "I wrote this"

* Short Bio's

Using a short bio of yourself is totally acceptable if you are sending emails for business purposes and are using your bio to promote yourself. If however the only email you send are ones going to mom and your friends. Then bio's are lame and boring.

* Contact Information

As like with above. Giving contact information is important if the bulk of your emails are business related. If they are not.. Your mom knows how to reach you, your aunt knows where you live.

* Full Name

Classic and simple. Your signature is your name. It works and it's easy. It also looks very silly if you forget that you have your name as your signature and still sign your emails with your name. It ends up looking like this



Stephanie Dow

Now if you never sign your emails then this works just fine. I for example, sent many an e-mail that I signed with complete disregard that I had an e-mail signature that said the exact same thing.

Choosing A Great Email Signature

A great Email Signature will be the one that people read and without hesitation can relate that quote, joke, thought, etc. to you.